Friday, October 17, 2014

How To Lose 1 Inch From The Thighs In 3 Weeks - What Must Women Do To Achieve It

After the belly and the buttocks, the thighs are the most stubborn areas in the body. This is because it is one of those few selected areas where the body hoards its fat deposits for a rainy day. Therefore, trying to get the thighs toned can become a real ordeal. Nonetheless, it is not impossible.If you're looking for tips on how to lose thigh fat fast, here is some exercise advice to get you started. These exercise techniques can help you lose approximately 1 inch in a matter of 3 weeks.What must you concentrate on? In order to do the right exercises, it is important to understand the different muscle groups in the target area. With a goal for toned thighs, you should concentrate on the quadriceps, hamstrings and hip adductors and work on them with equal intensity. Exercising these muscle groups will help burn fat as well as sculpt the thighs.Squats and Lunges Squats and lunges are the main exercises if you want to reduce 1 inch in 3 weeks. They engage the quads. As far as lunges are concerned, the side lunge is the most beneficial. It works out the adductors and the inner and outer thighs. You can do squats and lunges 2-3 times a week. Holding dumbbells in each hand or holding a barbell will add resistance and the make the exercise more challenging. Doing so will also help tone your arms.The Bow Pose in Yoga Yoga is the new trend when it comes to losing weight. Hence, we couldn't but feature it in our list of tips on how to lose thigh fat fast. The bow pose in yoga involves lying flat on your tummy and raising your hands and legs to form a bow (bow and arrow). You might find it hard to perform this exercise initially due to lack of flexibility, but will master it with practice. It is advised that you do this exercise at least 4 times holding the position for around 4-5 seconds. This bow pose works the hamstrings. It also promotes spine health and flexibility and improves digestion.

Go for a Brisk Walk Brisk walking is an effective yet less intense cardiovascular activity. Cardiovascular exercise is an important aspect of losing 1 inch from the thighs in 3 weeks as it kicks the body into the fat burning mode. Include 15-20 minutes of walking in your daily exercise routine. After you build strength and endurance, you can increase it to an hour or more.Swimming and Cycling Swimming and cycling will also help you lose fat from the thighs. Running, hiking and rollerblading are other exercises that target the legs. However, when doing cardio exercises you should make sure you are doing it at the right intensity level that is within the target heart rate zone. Use a heart rate monitor to ensure you do not under or overdo it.Take the StairsIf you do not have time for separate exercise, the best thing you can do is try to convert your daily activities into excellent fat burning exercises. The best that we could suggest is that you take the stairs instead of the elevator. They will help burn fat in legs.So, with these tips on how to lose thigh fat fast, don't be shy to romp around in shorts anymore; flaunt them with confidence.

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