Friday, September 26, 2014

How To Burn Fat For Half A Day With 5 Minutes Of Exercise

In fact, if you have been following research in the fitness community over the past ten to fifteen years, you will already be familiar with the method we are going to discuss today. It is already used by fitness enthusiasts in many gyms around the world today.Today we are speaking about interval training, of course.Intervals are used by many athletes due to it's ability to preserve lean muscle tissue while increasing fat burning at the same time, as opposed to aerobic cardio which has detrimental effects on muscle while burning less body fat overall.The main selling point behind HIIT, however, comes in the form of it's simplicity. Unlike more complex training principles, HIIT is all about brief sections of maximum intensity work followed by short recovery periods. That's it. No complex timing or over explained rep methods. Just get to work.But how do you, the average gym goer, take the rewards from a training method which was initially designed for top athletes?In as little as five minutes you can build a metabolic charge within your body that puts you on fat burning overdrive for up to twelve hours following your training time. To many, that sounds too good to be true, however it is scientifically proven, with years of relevant studies conducted in the field.

Of course, the results depend upon the effort put into the session. A good HIIT workout is short, yes, but never easy. The trick is to utilize your brief periods of maximum intensity work as much as possible, then allow yourself to recover before performing another max intensity period.Using these methods, a five minute session becomes a war.In fact, studies show that interval training for as little as ten minutes is even more effective than performing regular aerobic work for an hour!Think of HIIT as the cardio version of a weight training workout - you do a set, you recover, and repeat. So even if you don't have access to a treadmill or bike, you can still perform interval training. Body weight exercises are a good substitute.Moves like lunges and mountain climbers are hugely effective for driving up your heart rate and reaping those fat burning rewards.So when gym time is limited, do not worry. It is possible to create even a 5 minute fat loss workout when you put your mind to it, using the latest fitness methods.

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