Thursday, September 11, 2014

How To Lose Weight Permanently - Make Sure It Does Not Come Back Ever Again

Losing weight is just half the battle won. The remaining half is in keeping it off. Imagine how dreadful it would be if the weight you had worked so hard to lose, came back again to haunt you. Various studies have shown that many dieters end up gaining back the weight they had lost. In many cases, they would gain more weight than earlier. Not many realize that keeping weight off is the real victory as it is more difficult than losing weight.An assistant professor at the Weight Control and Diabetes Research Center at Brown University mentions that we live in an environment filled with temptations. There are so many tasty foods on display wherever we turn our eyes. This is one of the main reasons why we have so many people with eating disorders and overeating problem in the modern society.Another main reason that the professor points out is the lack of physical activity which is so necessary for our health and well-being. Technological advancement has made our lives such that we can get all our work done without having to move around much. You can shop online without having to leave your home, do your work over phone or computer and even when you do go outside, you probably just get into your car and go where you have to go. Do you realize how little walking or other physical activity your body is getting? This can cause several health issues in the long term like obesity, decrease in stamina etc.

If you want to successfully lose weight and keep it off, you have to get back to basics. You will have to improve in and monitor two crucial areas - eating and physical activity. Are you getting enough physical activity? If not what can you do about it? Try to come up with a plan. It can be as simple as taking the stairs instead of the lift, walking for 30 minutes every morning etc. Cycling, swimming, skipping are other simple, enjoyable and extremely effective exercises but you have to do them regularly.The next step is to focus on your eating habits. Are you eating healthy foods? How much have you cut down on junk, fattening and unhealthy foods? Have you cut down on sweets and soda drinks? Keeping a food journal might be very helpful in this regard. Or else get a weight loss buddy so that both of you can motivate each other to eat healthy, stay away from junk food and stick to daily exercise schedule.Living a healthy life can seem very challenging and difficult. This is because we are not accustomed to it. Secondly because there are so many temptations around us that it is easy to lose self-control and fall back into old bad habits. But the rewards are many for overcoming these challenges and being successful in living a healthy life. You can enjoy better health, increased energy, feel good most of the time and feel more confident.

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