Saturday, September 13, 2014

Restore Lymphatic Drainage With Whole Body Vibration

Exercising on a whole body vibration platform or simply undergoing a massage session using a body vibration machine can restore the blood and lymph flow, improving the functioning of the lymphatic system and relieving the swelling and discomfort caused by prolonged sitting or standing.In people who spend several hours a day working at a desk or standing, the risk of experiencing issues like muscle cramps and pain in the legs or swelling due to fluid retention and an impaired lymph flow is higher, and although physical activity can relieve these symptoms, few are those who still have the energy and desire to exercise after a tiring work day.Whole body vibration platforms offer an alternative to conventional exercises, movements performed on these machines requiring minimum effort from the user and providing benefits that are similar to those experienced after practicing classical strength workouts.What alters the lymph flow?The lymphatic system consists of bean-shaped lymph glands which are connected by lymph vessels in a network that resembles the circulatory system, except that its function is to maintain the body's immunity.Lymph flows through these vessels, carrying the debris, cell waste and toxins to the lymph nodes, where all the viruses, bacteria and harmful substances are destroyed. Clear lymph is then emptied into the bloodstream.

In certain conditions, the functioning of the lymphatic system can be impaired, and this leads to health issues such as fluid retention, swelling of lymph nodes, sore throat or frequent cold and flu episodes. Infections, injuries, tumors growing inside or near lymph nodes, as well as accumulation of toxins and certain medicines can block the lymph nodes, altering the lymph flow and immune function.
Unlike the cardiovascular system, the lymphatic system does not have a pump to push the fluid when the nodes get blocked, so stimuli like those applied through whole body vibration massage are ideal for restoring the lymph flow.Whole body vibration exercises for improved lymphatic drainageExercises performed on a body vibration machine are effective for stimulating lymph flow, so if you frequently experience swelling and pain due to fluid retention and impaired lymphatic drainage, here are 10 exercises you can perform on your whole body vibration platform:1. Pelvic tilt
2. Shoulder massage in the kneeling plank position
3. Narrow stance squat
4. Hams massage
5. Calf stretch
6. Calf massage
7. Lumbosacral massage
8. Gluteal massage
9. Chest muscle stretch
10.Latissimus stretch

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