Tuesday, September 2, 2014

How To Trim Your Belly By Eating What You Like

The one thing most of us want to get rid of today is an ugly pot belly. However, the thought of tweaking your meal plan, especially giving up some of your favorite foods, compels you to ask if the results will be worth the effort. There's good news for those who cannot tame their voracious appetite in a bid to trim the belly. You can melt the fat and flab sitting around the midsection by eating what you like. If you find it hard to believe, read on to know how it can be done.Cook the Non-Traditional WayCooking procedures such as deep-frying add a few more calories to foods that are calorie-dense, naturally. You can make savories and sweets a healthier food option by simply changing the good procedure. Baking and grilling are considered better cooking options because they dispense with the need for oil, clarified butter or butter used in frying.Experiment with Ingredients Given the growing emphasis on controlling weight gain, almost all ingredients are available in low-fat varieties. This way you are in a position to use low-calorie ingredients without compromising on taste. It applies especially for your selections of seasonings and dressings which add that extra zest to your dish. You can also try mixing ingredients to cut the caloric value.Healthy Fast Food It sounds paradoxical because fast food can rarely be healthy. It is a myth. Restaurants and eateries, in a bid to cater to varied customers, have on board both nutritional and calorie-dense foods. The nutritional options are cooked the non-traditional way and also make use of low-calorie ingredients. It is a good option to investigate the food options at fast food restaurants before you order. A few eateries provide a nutritional value chart at the side of the dish to make the selection easier.

Ditch the CombosIt is more convenient to order a combo meal that has the burger, coke and chips served on one platter rather than order them separately. Combos are never good options because they bring more calories than individual dishes. To add, it is harder to control your food cravings when you have everything in front of you. Ordering the right portion size will help you trim down your belly while eating what you like. Should you feel hungry you can always go ahead and order some more.Balance your MealsThe festive season is when most of us load all the calories; it is hard to resist the sweets and savories laid out in front of you. The key here is to balance your meals. In the days upto the event or festival, stick with a healthy diet. You can then enjoy the rich, calorie laden foods during the festivities without being guilt-ridden. The same can be done on a daily basis. If you eat a heavy meal for lunch, have a light one for dinner.Diet SodasJuices with high-fructose corn syrup sweeteners and soda are loaded with calories. the number of calories present in one serving of soda is more than the amount of calories present in a banana. Diet soda, fresh fruit juice, lemon juice, tea and coffee are a good substitute.Above all, exercise regularly or simply lead an active lifestyle. It will help burn all the calories you consume achieving a flat belly.Thus, the bottom line is to eat, but not overindulge. You must strike a balance between a healthy diet and those tasty food goodies.

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